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Well, hello there! This is where you get to learn a little bit more about me but I truly do hope it leads to me getting to know a little bit more about you ;-) 


I'm a multiple award-winning public speaking champion and a critically acclaimed actor (sounds fancy, doesn't it?) I began performing at the age of 2 and two years later was cast as Little Ricky on "The Partridge Family".  I grew up in the entertainment industry working extensively in TV, Motion Pictures, and Theatre. In 2002, I founded and directed the Harvest Academy Conservatory of Fine Art. I'm the writer, director, and sole performer of "Barbarian": my one-person play in which I portray every character without the use of sets, props, make-up or costume changes. In 2017, I was Toastmasters' District 52 Champion and competed in The World Championships of Public Speaking in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Please contact me for more information about what I do as a coach, hiring me as a speaker, or scheduling a presentation of "Barbarian". 


How can I help you? We've not been connected by accident and everything I do is done with a singular purpose: to inspire and equip you to unleash your fullest potential. Please don't hesitate to contact me. Whether you want to talk about booking me as a speaker, an acting coach, or requesting me to come present "Barbarian", shoot me an email or give me a call (I'd prefer hearing your beautiful voice :-)). 

"You have something remarkable to share with the world. It starts by listening to what's inside of you and ends with the courage to go where it leads." - Mel Robbins

written, directed & performed by Rick Segall

The critically acclaimed one-person play about the final night of the Apostle Peter's life & how that night changed the life of 

another man forever.

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